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About Aruba's Halal Kitchen

About Aruba's Halal Kitchen


The idea for a frozen Halal meal was born on a busy weeknight when Aruba, a busy mother of two, wanted to dash into the store for a quick frozen dinner. She didn't have high hopes she'd find a Halal option, and she was right. So she made do without. But that night in the frozen dinner aisle stuck with her. How did convenience food cover many diets, from vegetarian to gluten-free, heart-healthy to Kosher, but not Halal? So Aruba decided to give herself a seat at the table. She vowed to make easy weeknights more accessible to families who keep hand-slaughtered Halal. She began the business of cooking out of her kitchen, then out of a friend's kitchen, then worked her way into a commercial facility while balancing the kids and a full-time job. It is time to check dinner off your to-do list and enjoy a not-so-average TV dinner.


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